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Letter from
the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


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MAPROD Equipments

48 street Bougara, Belle

vue , El Harrach, Algiers, Algeria

  +213 21 520 202 
 +213 21 521 313

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Fax : 021 83 03 23

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Mr hadj chaib
Mob : 07 70 95 20 55

Lettre du Directeur Général

Here are some years which MAPROD activates relentlessly in the realization of its ambitions which remain completely practicable.
MAPROD exists and wants to become established through all the Algerian territory, so allowing us to get closer as much as possible to our acquired and potential customers, thus strengthening their trust already placed in us. For that purpose, two regional offices were created, one located in the West of the country and the other one in the South of Hassi Messaoud.

MAPROD through its facilities and services, in support of many public and private companies in their development efforts, creating a spirit of partnership and complementarity.

At the end of my intervention on our new communications tool which is the Web site, I would like to thank all the MAPROD’s family (the managing and personal staff) for the seriousness and the professionalism noticed in everyday life, without forgetting to thank all our customers who, without them, MAPROD would not exist, a particular attention on our foreign partners for the quality of the accomplished work up to there and the very promising perspectives of cooperation to be together developed.

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